Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jayvon is in the Sticker Club! Or should I say Mommy is in?

The Sticker Club.

When my colleague first asked me to join, I thought it was a cute idea, and a good object lesson for Jay. But I have underestimated the enthusiasm of my colleagues. I think as of now, almost every staff who is a parent has been inducted into Sticker Club.

So what does it entail?

It is really a chain letter with a purpose.

Person A will find 6 other parents, who will each find 6 more and so on (you get the idea).

The fun part is (and what’s a Sticker Club without a fun part, ya?) each parent will just need to buy ONE sticker club to send to the child, and if none of the 6 parents break the chain, your kid will receive a grand total of 36 sticker packs! Good rate of return, if you ask me!


This is Jay’s present for his friend Tristan!

Before going to get the sticker today, I spoke to Jay about this whole sticker project we were embarking.

Me: “We’ll go and buy a sticker for Kor Kor Tristan later, ok?”

Jay nods.

Me: “And once we do, you will also receive stickers from other Kor Kors and Jie Jies!”

Jay: “Me?”

Me: “Yes! Isn’t it fun?”

Jay nods.

Fast forward to an hour later, as we were picking out the stickers…

Jay: “Buy farm sticker for Kor Kor…”

Me: “Ok!”

Jay: “And zoo sticker for me?”

Me: “Err…. but remember Mommy said other kor kors and jie jies will get a LOT of stickers for you?”

Jay stares at me. Obviously delayed gratification is a lesson that takes a while to learn.

I try explaining how the Sticker Club works again.

Still getting a stare. That silently screams… “Why aren’t you getting a sticker for MEEEEEEEEEEE Mommy?”

I buckle under pressure.

Me: “How about I get you something else? Barney DVD?”

My prince is appeased.

My wallet is emptier.

But isn’t it a good lesson to teach your kiddo? That whatever you sow, you will also reap?!

I am looking forward to receiving more stickers in the mail in the coming days. *coughcoughjaylovesanimalstickersjustforyourinfocough*

Wanna be a part of this Club? Drop me an email at!

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