Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dinner at Saizeriya

We headed to Liang Court over the weekend, planning to get a bed frame (cos our mattresses are on the floor now, and in a few months’ time, the law of gravity dictates that the amount of lift needed get me up from the ground would be too horrible to calculate).

We also took the opportunity to have dinner there, at this Italian restaurant that is definitely at the very top of Nic’s most-loved restaurants!


The top reason? They offer escargots at a very reasonable price! See, I don’t like to eat snails (eww gross!), and when this appetiser is too expensive, I gently remind Nic to be kind and order something we can both enjoy. But at Saizeriya? It’s a mere $5.90 for a plate of gross crawlies. My argument hardly holds water!

Escargots. *greenfaced*

Well, we ordered up a storm. Check out our yummilicious dinner!

Grilled potatoes for Jay.

My clam chowder soup. Yum!

9-inch pineapple & bacon pizza. Cheesy, just the way I love it!

Nic’s rib-eye steak.

We also ordered spaghetti bolognaise for Jay and he slurped half the plate up! Each of our mains cost under $10 (yes, even Nic’s rib-eye!), so it is really value for money. Considering Liang Court is also the venue of my fave ramen restaurant too, this Italian eatery will be a fierce competitor for our family’s tummies the next time we go there!


Eileen W said...

Thanks for the recommendation :) I'll definitely want to go there soon!

San said...

Hi Eileen, yes... try this out! My fave place at Liang Court may still be Marutama though :P