Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy birthday, Little Big!

2 October marked Little Big’s first year anniversary, and the staff of LB planned a huge birthday bash that involved loads of balloons, performances by the kiddos and fun!

Daddy was busy with his Centre Opening, and unfortunately had to miss out on Jay’s very first “public performance”. Jay was super pumped though! He woke up in the morning and announced to me that “I’m going on stage today, Mommy.” So in lieu of Daddy, we got Aunty Teresa to accompany us (additional pair of hands needed to make sure Jay doesn’t run wild, see) and we made our way to *Scape at Orchard for the bash.



And here he was, all togged out in his performance attire.


Before the event day, the principal kept reminding the parents to NOT take any photos or videos lest the kids get distracted by the flashes… and I was so obedient! Didn’t take any shot, and enjoyed the various performances thoroughly! The kids all did awesome jobs at entertaining us!

Hahaha! Jay was also given the opportunity to hold the mic and sing 两只老虎, but after two lines, he became shy and put the mic down. Awww… but thumbs up to his maiden effort! I’m waiting for the school to prepare the DVD for us, and will post up his performance then.


But apart from the performances, LB had other things in store… Guess what Jay and the other kids are so engrossed by?


The balloon sculptor! He requested, and got an Orange balloon bear…



But he preferred the little balloon turtles! Haha!

There were also parent-child telematches, but to ask a pregnant woman to piggy-back a 15-kg boy is cruel (and super unglam) to say the least, we had to sit that out, and Jay cheered his schoolmates on the sidelines!

Oh, but cos Jay didn’t manage to sing the chinese song completely, I requested for an encore performance, which he gladly obliged on the way back home…

He now wants to sing on stage again.

The stage at church, I mean. Haha!

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ruiz said...

he's so adorable! can we have a live performance the next time round? =p