Monday, October 04, 2010

My BIG reveal

This post has been two weeks in the writing. Mostly, I needed an avenue to vent, I mean, express my emotions without letting the cat out of the bag too soon. It's been one tumultuous ride for me over the past few weeks, and "denied" of my usual outlet via blogging hasn't made it much easier. Haha!

So what's the huge secret I've been keeping all this while? Disclaimer: it's not really that much a secret, cos sooooo many of our friends know already. If you didn't then you probably aren't a friend (haha, kiddin'!) or simply too far off to have noticed. Just that, you know, announcing to YOU guys over my blog is a huge leap.

Cutting to the chase...

I'm pregnant! And today, 4 Oct 2010, finally marks my entry into my second trimester. And boy oh boy, do i have high hopes for this trimester.

My first trimester has been 12 long, long, arduous weeks of...
- puking many meals out (but of course the upside is the lack of much weight gain. Small consolation given the kilos will pile on over the next 6 months…)
- unbearable fatigue (I was asleep by 10pm. Almost. Every. Night.)
- bloatedness (I looked like I was 5 months along rather than just under 12 weeks’ for goodness sake!)

When I was carrying Jay, it was sooooooo different. I had it good then. Practically zero morning sickness, no icky fatigue, no loss of change of appetite. Sigh. I am sad just thinking of the 'good ol' times'!

And with a new baby coming along in April 2011... Gosh, there's just so much to do. And buy. And spend.

But till then, I will simply enjoy the ride. And look forward to welcoming another member of the Lim family into this world. How's Jay? He's excited too! He knows Baby is coming, and that he is "already a Kor Kor"! We kept telling Jay that we adored him and that as the older one, he is #1 and Baby is #2. Well, a few days back, Daddy was making him sleep and asked…

Daddy: Mommy and Daddy loves Jayvon, you know?

Jayvon: Yah.

Daddy: Jayvon is #1, correct?

Jayvon: Yah.

Daddy: And baby is #2!

Jayvon: Noooooo.

Daddy: Huh? Baby is #2.

Jayvon: Nooooooo…..

Daddy: (trying to change tack to see what Jay’s point was) So who is #1?

Jayvon: Me!

Daddy: Correct! So who is #2?

Jayvon: Bear-bear!

Daddy: And Baby?

Jayvon: Baby is number 3.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at his logic, but well, it sure is funny!

P.S. If you trying to “repeat” this conversation with Jay, let me also assure you we’ve grilled into him the CORRECT order! Hahaha!


Oh, but the STAR of this post? Meet Baby. :)

Wk 6

Wk 9

P.P.S. I love how clear my new Canon camera took a photograph of a photograph! :)


Jerb said...

CONGRATULATIONS my friend! May you have a much smoother pregnany from NOW onwards! ;)

Klessis said...

Haha I know how it feels to keep such a happy secret!! Congrats once again! =)

San said...

Thanks Jerb, thanks Kless! Haha... here's to a better 6 months ahead! :P

Daphne said...

Wow, congrats San!!!

edmund said...

Congrats on your addition! so happy for u! :)

Anonymous said...

BIG CONGRATS SAN! Hope you will enjoy the pregnancy going forward! Can't wait to see more pics of the little one. :)

Anonymous said...

BIG CONGRATS SAN! Hope you will enjoy the pregnancy going forward! Can't wait to see more pics of the little one. :)

San said...

Haha! Thanks all! :)

ruiz said...

so excited to see number 2 coming along! praying for a SMOOTH pregnancy ahead! jia you!