Monday, October 04, 2010

Make it a Happee Day!


This weekend I bought some packs of a very special postcard, done by by a very special 5-year old, Janelle Leo. She suffers from Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer and yet remains a cheery and bright girl. The proceeds from these cards go towards helping her hospital expenses.

And on this same important cause, I received an unexpected email from Daphne, inviting Jayvon and I to attend another very special event for very special people…


Make it a Happee Day for children suffering from cancer is an initiative spearheaded by Daphne, a mini-carnival held at Hort Park to, well, make it one rocking and happee day for children with cancer!

Sometimes, parents (and boy, can I fall into this as well too) can get into all kind of gripes about kids not eating well, not behaving well, not sleeping well…. that sometimes it does take a change of perspective to be thankful for all we have.

With cancer, both the patient and the family are oft hard-pressed to find this happiness perspective on a daily basis. While we may not be able to do much for them medically-speaking, yet we can all do what we can, and so if you have some special ability (say, sword-swallowing or some elephant-disappearing act), then you can volunteer your services. Okay, if like me (i.e. you can swallow the sword, but you would also need an ambulance on standby) you can also help out in safer things like logistics or to man the booths!

To volunteer, to donate to this awesome day, or to get information, please pop over to Daphne’s blog!

Jay & I will be there on 31 October, hope to see you there too! Let’s show our love and support for these brave warriors who are battling cancer everyday, and give them one happee day to remember! :)

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