Monday, December 13, 2010

My Little Santa

We went to this small little restaurant at Albert Court Hotel, called Kichn, to give a pre-enlistment farewell dinner for Jingye. It was a cosy little place, and our huge group of some 20 people overwhelmed the small kitchen crew at Kichn.

Nevertheless, there was good company and fun and laughter to fill in the waiting time.

And of course, there was Jayvon. Who slowly but surely warmed up to all the adoring aunties and uncles.

He was offered a Santa hat, and he had an initial aversion towards this furry red thing. Till I pointed out that this was Santa’s hat, and even sang two lines of “Santa Claus’ coming to town…!” which sparked off his interest in it, and he loved the hat!


Oh he really, really adored it!



My adorable little Christmas elf. (But don’t tell him that. He is Santa, you see. Elf doesn’t cut it.)


And he started belting out Christmas songs to entertain. Me, mostly, but still I appreciated the distraction from my rumbling tummy! Haha!


Here’s Daddy with Uncle Jingye. Happy NS life ahead!


And Jay totally loving his vantage point from way up there!

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