Friday, December 10, 2010

Upcoming family holiday!

There is such great persuasion in social media (and in the testimonials of a friend). After reading a friend’s blog about her recent trip to Bali, I was so inspired that I managed to convince Nic to also take a much-needed family vacation there before I pop!

This pre-popping trip is important, cos I didn’t manage to go for a planned one when I was carrying Jayvon due to health reasons (Sob!), and so I am so, so, SO looking forward to my Bali trip!

I must say though, Bali wasn't my first choice initially.

I had my heart set on going on Royal Caribbean Cruise! Though it would have cost a lot more, I was so excited about it! I must have called the Royal Caribbean office twice, making specific enquiries, and when I finally got down to booking our cruise, I was happily typing in the various information required till I hit a snag.

Called their Pregnancy Policy.

Which specifically disallowed boarding if you are at or above your 24th week of pregnancy.

I immediately whipped out my past gynae records and did some calculations. The date of my proposed 6-night cruise would be on my 25th week. GROAN! I tried to see if we could get an earlier cruise date, but that was totally booked up, and they refused to budge on their 24-week policy. Sigh. It was so disappointing, and it sparked off a fresh round of research for our holiday destination!

Well, after much “turmoil”, we will be flying off to Bali from January 3-7, 2011. Yippee!


Edmund said...

Good thing u did not take the cruise! Rooms are really small and u need a few families to make it fun!

Bali is a much better choice! :)

San said...

Haha! Really? Well, it is a blessing in disguise then! :) Looking forward to a nice relaaaaaxing trip!

Anonymous said...

Have an enjoyable time :)

aunty sharon