Friday, January 21, 2011

Homecoming … Heartwarming and rib-tickling!


I was invited to a special preview show of Homecoming, the latest offering by Jack Neo where he cross-dresses once again.

I mean, who could forget Liang Po Po? His “grandma” alter-ego that he perfected and entertained me through my secondary school days? Of course, that act soon grew a little over-the-top and weary.

And if you know me, I am so not a Chinese-movie fan.

But a good friend sent me a youtube trailer of this movie, and despite my initial misgivings, I was sold!

After a long and tiring work day, I dragged myself to GV Marina, and said a silent prayer that the movie would be entertaining enough for me to NOT fall asleep inside the cinema! Haha…

And I must say…

The movie exceeded my expectations!

With the easy-listening mix of Malaysian-accented Chinese which brought tears of laughter to my eyes at times, to Hokkien nuggets that went over my head at times but caused my movie partner to double-up in giggles… the acting talents also did not disappoint. My personal fave has to be Ah Niu – whose straightfaced portrayal of a “long-suffering” son was sincerely doleful and was the perfect foil to Jack Neo, who plays the typical “aunty” Karen in this show.

The movie will be out on 3 February 2011 in all major cinemas, so do be sure to catch this with your family and friends for a heartwarming and ribtickling Chinese New Year movie!

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