Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preparing for the par-tay!

All through the last few months of 2010, Jay had a common refrain…

“Why Jayvon’s birthday soooooooo long? Why not here yet?”

Since attending school last February, he has seen almost all of his classmates celebrating their birthdays in school, while as a January baby, he was totally left out in this moment in the limelight. This is not to say we didn’t celebrate his birthday last year. Hey, it was a bash too! But of course, he conveniently forgot all about that party we threw… Talk about ungratefulness… Hahaha!

Well, way back in November I started doing some research on possible cakes, and settled on an online bakery, which seemed to hold great promise! I can’t wait to pick the cake up this Thursday! Then of course the busy month of December happened, which essentially meant I put all these plans on hold… till now, that is.

Today was party favours day! I started with these…





And while watching TV, I started my packing!


Can’t wait for Jay’s mini party on Friday! He will have a blast!


petrina seow said...

What? Jay jay is having a party on FRIDAY????? In school or at home?

San said...

@petrina: Yeap! In school, of course! :D