Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going greeeeeeeeeen!

I hardly think of myself of being particularly environmentally conscious.

Not really nearly so.

So this green initiative of mine is purely sprouted from very monetary motivations.

We have decided to take the plunge to cloth-diaper Baby X! I’ve started this cloth-diaper “journey” a few months back, fuelled by the rather depressing thought of having a huge drainage on my expenditure. With Jay, this wasn’t really a consideration, because… well, I hardly thought about this at that time! Haha! So many OTHER things to think about!

And I am proud to say I really did do my homework. Read up numerous blogs and websites on cloth-diapering. The how, the why, the tedium and what-not.

Well, after reading up online, I’ve decided to go with Bumwear, wlhich has an online presence as well as a physical store in United Square.

Since Baby X (and since I’m talking about him, might as well slip the latest 3D shot I got of him, courtesy of Dr. Fong)…


… will be coming in just 4 weeks’ time, we bought the 2 dozen prefolds (infant size) and 2 diaper covers for him, at a cost of just above S$100. While the initial outlay’s not cheap, I figured, the costs should be fast recovered, seeing how newborns zip through their diapers! Once X turns 3 months, I plan to get the one-size pocket diapers and inserts, which should last him all the way till he gets toilet-trained! There are loads of considerations and expected inconveniences (as opposed to disposable diapers), but I think cost-wise, it really makes more sense! (Of course, I am only considering the cloth diapering option as I have a domestic helper that would help me with this, I honestly doubt I can get enough motivation to do this sans the maid!)

It is pretty exciting, as I am a mere five weeks from being able to see my handsome prince, instead of trying to decipher black and white fuzzy shapes on the monitor. Looking forward to it!

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