Friday, March 18, 2011

The lion king meets The Lion King

I was so psyched up this week.

In short…


I got myself a pair of tickets to this show… and Jay was generously sponsored by my awesome cell members.

Of course, given his recently sullen streak, two days before the musical, Jay decided that he did not want to go to no musical. Mommy agreed. And told him I would bring someone else.

Jay: “Ok. You bring someone else. I don’t want to go.”

Mommy: “Hmm… I think I will bring the fox puppet.”

Jay: “No! Cannot!”

Mommy: “Oh, oh, oh! I can bring the toy lion. After all, only the lion king should see the Lion King show.”

Jay: “I am the Lion King. I AM THE LION KING. I want to watch the show.”

Well, with that settled, on 15 March, the three of us trudged down to the gorgeous Marina Bay Theatres. I was soooooo pumped!

And then I realised I brought my camera.

And left the memory card in my laptop. At home.

Which effectively negated the whole photo-taking thing.

But my boo-boo aside, I am pleased to give you six thumbs up. From all three of us!

I was most concerned about Jay. Could he last through the entire musical? Would he love the show? Would he understand? Would he make a nuisance of himself? Would we get booted out of the Theatre?

Well, I am glad to report that… yes, hell yeah, yeap, just a little and thankfully not!

The opening scene, where the animals came to pay tribute to the newborn Simba was, in a word, splendid. Here’s a sneak peek into what we saw.

After that gorgeous opening sequence (and Jay seeing his much-anticipated rhinoceros up close!), the audience broke out into claps, and Jay spontaneously did so too! Oh, the elephants, the zebras, the buzzards… it was all so captivating!

There were times when Jay spoke a little louder than he should. “Why did that naughty uncle lion throw the daddy lion, Mommy? Why? Why? WHY?” Nothing a little gummy bears couldn’t stop though! Haha!

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a number of kids (must be the holidays!) though Jay was definitely one of the youngest, if not the youngest one. Some older kids was drooling drooping over their dad’s shoulders but Jay was still happily prancing around (See? gummy bears, I tell ya!). But if your kid loves animals, and a good story, do consider the Lion King!

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