Sunday, March 20, 2011

Went to the zoo-zoo-zoo (again)!

This time, with Jay and his classmates… and it was just Jay and I! No Daddy! (He wasn’t able to get away from work…) Make that just Jay and I… and a busload of his classmates and their parents!


And it was a fun morning literally hanging with the kids!

Meet Noah. Jay’s BFF.



They were inseparable!


Which was good for Noah’s mommy and I. Haha!

Except when Jay decided to play hard to get, and refuse to hold Noah’s hand, making the poor boy get into a fuss.


Most of the time, they held hands. All. The. Way.

Too cute, really!

It was just a few hours spent at the zoo.

And I was totally wasted once I reached home. If Baby X’s delivery’s as smooth as Jay’s was… I have such day trips to thank for getting my prenatal exercise in! Hahaha!

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