Saturday, June 04, 2011

2 months on…


My little man. The new man in my life.

I think it is so amazing. Parenthood stretches not only your capacity, but also your heart.

Before Jay, I could hardly imagine loving another human being in such a selfless way. Sure, babies are cute, but to have to commit to take care of another human being? Sure sent a shiver down my spine at first.

But then Jay came. And the first time I laid my eyes on my boy, my heart was sold. 110%.

And with him having such a huge place in my heart, however could a second baby compare? Once again, it shows how much I knew.

God expands the heart of each parent with each child.

And with Xav, I have the extreme privilege of going through those initial first few months of bonding once again. And with the advantage of experience, I am now much more at ease, and able to enjoy this journey all the more.

Two months. Already his personality is showing.

My little man. My handsome prince. :)

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