Friday, June 03, 2011

Not for the clean freaks

One thing you quickly learn as a parent… is that tidiness and kids aren’t best buds.

I have a pretty huge living room area. When my friends come over for our small group meeting, I can easily squeeze 20 people comfortable, sitting in a circle. No problem. But this still ain’t big enough for a three year old and his toys.


When it is Jay’s playtime, it means he will usually bring out a ton of toys and stuff and splay them across my living room floor…


… and on the couch…


… and he even tries to find some spot on Xav’s bouncer to place some of his toys.

It is a warzone.

If war ever broke out in Toys R Us kingdom, this would be how the place would look like.

Well, to me, it is fine to be as messy as he wants when he is playing. It’s fine, really. So long as he helps to clean up after play. But I think he has found a loophole…

Jay: Mommy, you have legs, correct? Can you help me pick up that giraffe/car/jigsaw puzzle?

Mommy: You have to clean up after you play, remember?

Jay: But you also played with me what.

Mommy: …

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