Monday, June 20, 2011

This day is for the Daddies!

Daddies seem to have the short end of the stick nowadays. Mother’s Day has the hoo-haa and the flowers and the cards and such. But Father’s Day?

More should be done to applaud these men in our lives. They make our lives so much better –take it from me, as both a daughter and a mother!


With the birth of our number 2, the role of the Daddy is EVEN more important in our household. I mean, now there’s one more demanding mouth to feed, one more person to placate and one more pair of feet to massage. Oh wait, scratch the last one. Kids don’t need no massage.


Daddy’s the stability when things (and kids) seem to go around in a frenzy.


Daddy’s the one with the strong shoulders to bear our burdens. Mummy’s the one to run to when it comes to bruises and other boo-boos. But Daddy’s the man for fun times!


His love and dedication for us all is phenomenal. And for that… Happy Father’s Day, baby. :)


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