Friday, August 26, 2011

Kidswift – the way to get educational DVDs!

One thing about blogging, I am given the opportunity to experience and find out about way cool stuff that I’d ordinarily might not have the chance to. One such hidden gem is Kidswift. When I first heard from Arthur, I couldn’t really understand how this website works. It seems… too simple to be true.

First off, to head on down to their website at


Then, you browse the DVDs that you want. It is sorted by genre, age group and series titles – making it super easy to get to the DVD of your choice. In stock are DVDs from Your Baby Can Read, Baby Signing Time, Bob the Builder… DVDs that are suitable for babies and kids from birth onwards!

As you browse, simply click on the “Rent It” icon to select the DVDs into your “Queue”. Unlike conventional video rentals where you should only select 1-2 DVDs, at Kidswift, you’re encouraged to select at least 10 DVDs!

After selecting, you can even see the items in your Queue, where you can toggle the Priority of each DVD.


Depending on the type of plan you have (1, 2 or 3-DVDs at a go), Kidswift will send you a DVD via Speedpost, where you can keep the DVD for as long as you want. There is no deadline to return. No late fees. But once you’re done with the DVD, simply use the return envelope that it came in, to return the DVD… and once Kidswift receives it, they would send the next selected DVD – unprompted!

Honestly, they should have such a service for movies! I would immediately sign up!

I was given an extended trial to test this out, and three days back, I happily selected DVDs for both Xav and Jay. I just received this in the mail…


I can’t wait to show Xav this, and also to see how he’d take to this.

Another interesting DVD I am waiting for is the Rock N’ Learn series for Jay, an award-winning kids’ program, for preschoolers and up! Learning about Maths, multiplication, phonics, or simpler more pre-school-apt aspects like letter sounds and colours. Sounds fun! I’ve seen this series, but was unsure how Jay would take to it, so this is also a good chance to test it out first!

And here’s a special treat for my readers as well.

If you are interested to test this out, and maybe see how your child like some new series (before plonking down good money to buy the DVD), this is for you. Kidswift is offering TEN of my readers an extended, no-strings-attached one-month trial! (By my estimate, this should get you about 4 DVDs to view!)

To qualify, you simply need to be the first TEN readers to email me at with the title “Kidswift”, and you will be forwarded the unique code to enjoy the month-long trial!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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