Friday, September 02, 2011

The art bug

I had an impromptu talk with Jay’s school principal last week, as I was fetching him home. And our conversation touched on the topic of his favourite activity in school. One thing I love about sending Jay to Little Big is that they offer enrichment activities every afternoon, from bringing the kids to My Gym, to music lessons taught by Kindermusik teachers to dance (taught by O School) to art taught by Abrakadoodle teachers.

And while Mummy’s *cough* artistic side is pathetic sad minimal, to say the least, Daddy has a much firmer (and classical) background in music. So two months back, together with a close friend, we enrolled our keys to attend a Music Appreciation Class at Yamaha. As this term is coming to an end, I am considering if I should continue.

Especially after Jay’s principal told me Jay’s favourite enrichment class is ART.

I almost flipped. Seriously? Art? I mean, I have exposed him to some classes, and of course in school, but when the principal told me how Jay would be all “serious” and attentive in Art class, and how he would follow instructions and be keen to do the work. Attentive? My cheeky little monkey? Gosh. I SO need to send him for Art class then!

I was considering Wow Art Studio, as Jay attended 1 lesson many moons back. But it is based in Thomson. So I either need a permanent chauffeur, a kind taxi-driver to help me pro-bono, or some taxi allowance. Or get an art school somewhere in tbe East… Oh decisions, decisions, decisions…

Any recommended Art school (preferably in the East)? :)

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