Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ice cream plus candy? SCORE!

Teachers are super-duper-awesome human beings in my opinion.

Especially the ones who have to handle my boy everyday.

So a huge Teachers' Day shoutout to the wonderful, patient, creative, loving & altogether superb teachers at Little Big! ;) And due to the school closure, Nic & I decided to pop over to Johore to check out the new KSL City (okay, new maybe just to us…) & brought Jay along! Our good friends Wen & Ken also came, with their adorable son Eljasz! Jay & Eljasz got on so well, and enjoyed each other’s company so much we can see more such outings in the near future!

Unfortunately, Jay was fiddling playing with my camera the night before, and when we reached KSL City, I realised… my camera was so low on battery! *sigh*



The two boys sharing a snack as we wait for our turn at the Malaysian customs! Well it was a good time of feasting, sprinting-running-walking as we explored the new shopping centre together.

Before my camera officially died on me, I got a shot of this wonderful little kiosk. It basically offers some 10 different ice-cream flavours, and a variety of toppings, and you can choose as little or as much of the ice-cream and toppings (which range from gummies to hundreds & thousands to chocolate balls and all the goody goodness!) And the charging is by weightage, at RM5.80 per 100 grams.

Deceptively cheap. Deceptive cos it sure AIN’T cheap.


But you can’t really put a price on this.

IMG_4221 IMG_4219

They are in ice-cream heaven. Jay pointed at each topping and asked for them!

I know, the final product looks so kinda fishy, but the taste is pretty spot on! Try it out the next time you are in KSL City, Johore Bahru. Guaranteed kid-pleaser!

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