Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Some blog posts are hard to title

I wanted to go with “I’m back!!!” … and thought, “Nah, too cliched.”

Then I thought of “Of beaches and…” and my brain froze a little as I continued to stone in front of the CSI playing on my TV.

And so I was gonna title this post “I hate hospitals, those blood-sucking…” and decided to hold my peace.

I can hardly believe my last “proper” blog entry was some almost a month back. Oh. My. Gosh. I hardly know where to start in updating where I’ve buried myself the past many, maaaaany days. Truth be told, the fatigue has also gotten to me.

Well, one week of my life can be explained in this montage…


The whole family (yes… with both kids!) was away to Bintan and then Batam for seven whole days! It was awesome – as we were satiated body (glorious, glorious Indonesian fare), spirit (we were so enriched attending the various sessions with the Pastors) and soul (I managed to sneak in an hour-long massage towards to end of the Retreat! Woohoo!)

It was as awesome as it was humongously tiring! I was on the planning committee for both Retreats, so this meant Daddy had to take care of the kiddos…

Which probably exacerbated his flu condition. And by the 6th night, he was down with a high, persistent fever that refused to go away even after he took some medicine for it. And once we finally made it back to Singapore soil, and once the kids & I were settled at home, Nic went to the A&E of Changi General Hospital – just to check out what was the matter. And he was promptly admitted. Which goes to show, the fun times just don’t end. Haha!

I went to see him the next morning. And here, I must first state that I have the highest respect for doctors, nurses and hospitals. But the ward that Nic was in coupled with the fact he told me the trainee doctor who attended to him tried, unsuccessfully, 5 times to jab him with the antibiotics drip was probably the last straw – and thank God for awesome, resourceful friends. Even on his off day, Kenneth came by to help me transfer Nic to Mount Elizabeth hospital, and got a recommendation for respiratory specialist to attend to Nic.

Well, he stayed a total of three days, chalking up a pretty huge bill, but thankfully now, he is okay.

Thanks all, for your prayers, support… and understanding! :)

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