Monday, December 12, 2011

Now, where did the year go?!

I remember 2010 well. The year I was pregnant. The year I had so much fun with Jay. The year of loads of work (though that’s hardly new).

But 2011?

I must have entered some kind of alternate universe. Cos I distinctly remember giving birth. And seeing Xavier. And then before I know it…


He’s already 8 months?


I mean, I can’t even call him a baby. He’s more like a toddler. He doesn’t fancy crawling, preferring instead to wiggle and flip his way to the object of his desire, or flashing those huge peepers of his at the nearest available victim to carry him to what he wants.


He still adores his older brother, giving the shy smile every time Jayvon comes near, and breaking out into adorable peals of laughter at his brother’s antics (which are a-plenty!).


Xavier also enjoys *trying* to stand on his own two feet, and shuffling excitedly, so I see some walking in his near future. Haha! He also tries to “talk” to us, pursing his lips, and making funny baby noises, so we also foresee some yakking in the future!

With Jayvon, I think the constant sleep deprivation (waking up every two or three hours for 18 months does this) made me LIVE each day and FEEL each day that much more. And the fact that Xavier is a poster-baby by the very fact he was sleeping through the night before he turned five weeks old (from 8.30 p.m. to morning!) probably allowed me time-off.


What an awesome privilege it is to his Mummy. And I thank God everyday for this precious gift!

While 2011 has slipped past me thus far, I hope to enjoy 2012 more! Hahaha!

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