Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Of dinosaurs and pasta

I first saw an ad of this restaurant… and the moment I laid eyes on it, I KNEW that I simply had to bring the kids over one day!

Any kid-friendly restaurant, in my books, is an awesome place to go to. Over the weekend, we managed to make our way over to PizItalia for lunch. And we were greeted with this sight when we reached…


A moving, roaring T-Rex!

My little boy was ecstatic, to say the least.

Oh, but this isn’t the best part of this place. This is.


A two-storey playground within the restaurant! Woohoo!

We ordered some chow, and then let Jay loose inside the playground.

Here’s the yummylicious food.


My seafood marinara pasta – chockful of fresh seafood! Loved it. Mild enough for Jayvon too (I always thought Marinara meant spicy? Oops… My bad then…)

Nic ordered the Creamy Mushroom which he loved (no pictures though, cos he wolfed it down before I could whip out my camera). We also order the Butter Prawn Pizza, which was pretty enjoyable as well.


Unfortunately, the one thing that marred this entire experience… the airconditioning was spoilt! And in the humid afternoon sizzling heat… I was busy trying to fan my two boys with the drinks menu!

Well, this is a pretty new restaurant, and I think teething problems are expected. Hopefully they manage to clear up these technical issues, cos the food and the fun is a sure draw-back for me.


Check out PizItalia at:

East Coast Seafood Centre
1204 East Coast Parkway
#01-06 Singapore 449882

Opening Hours:
5pm - Midnight on Weekdays
12pm - Midnight on Weekends

(I am looking forward to trying their Italian Chilli Crab! Sounds and looks so yummy…)

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, there’s also a brand new water playground in town! Haha! Pop over to Tampines 1 this Saturday (March 10) and there will be special activities every weekend in March! I always love water playgrounds, so this would be another one on my to-go list!

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