Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ahoy maties!

It was my birthday last Saturday, and I did something I have never done to celebrate this special occasion.

I spent the day baking in the sun. For the sake of my two sons. Hahaha! Oh, the power of the kids… makes me willingly (willingly, I tell you!) not just drag myself but hubby as well to the sunny island of Sentosa.

And no matter what I read or thought… seriously, the Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa’s very first beach club for the kiddos, took my breath away! Even Jay stared open-mouthed at the huge pirate ship once we entered!


In fact, I think he was a little overwhelmed that when I asked if he’d like to go in to play, he refused at first. I was shocked, truth be told – he loves water playgrounds, right?

Oh, but my worries were unfounded. As soon as we found a shady spot for Mummy to take refuge from the blazing sun, he was ready to go!


Daddy was the sacrificial lamb sporting one, and brought Xavier in as well!



Xavier took to the water like a fish! Haha! His first time in the pool, actually… And erm, I did bring swim wear for Xavier… I blame the heat for forgetting.

While Daddy was busy with the kids, I walked around the club to take more pics!



Jay occupied himself with these two slides – the green and the blue! He had a BLAST, going up and down (and up and down)…


Apart from this totally awesome structure, there was actually MORE going on for the kids! When you register to enter, each kid is given a tiny sack of coins (or curios, as they call them) & a Port Pass to complete tasks and get prizes.



With the coins, the kids can choose to participate in other fun activities like gardening and even a foam party! The “cost” listed refers to the curio cost, so there’s no additional amount to fork out inside!


All in all, it was such a fun morning for me, and most importantly, my two boys! Jay was asking to go back to Sentosa over the weekend again, and we’re looking forward to our next family outing!

Thanks for the good folks at Sentosa for the chance to attend the opening of the newest attraction at Sentosa, and I think it will be a sure hit with the kids!

If you have kids aged 3 to 12, be sure to make a trip down to the Port of Lost Wonder, located at Palawan Beach Sentosa. The opening hours are 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. daily (the water play area closes at 6 p.m.)

Prices are pretty affordable, with admission charges for each kid at $8 (for weekdays) and $15 (for weekends), and if you go soon, there is a special 15% discount! No additional charges for the accompanying adult. For all-year free admission, you can also consider getting their annual membership.

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