Monday, April 09, 2012

My first taste of … homework!

I mean… Jay is in pre-school. Seriously. N2.

Hardly the age that I expect to be doing homework with him.

But on the last school day the last week, I was erm, pleasantly surprised to see a little envelope from the teachers.


And a little homework for Mummy. I mean, Jayvon.


It was a simple exercise but as I am a rookie homework-Mummy, I probably forgot one vital aspect.

Always do homework early. Always.


We started on this project after dinner, and while it went well at first (for the first part – the cutting of the squares, cos Jay always loves using the scissors), when it came to applying the glue and sticking on the parts… it was a matter of whine (his) against will (mine).

After sticking the first 2 squares…

Jay: Mummy, you do for me.

Mummy: You’re supposed to do it, you know.

Jay:I don’t want to do it. I am tired. *cue the fake yawn*

Mummy: But what if teacher asks you tomorrow if you did the work, are you going to say Mummy did it?

Jay: Sigh. Rubs eyes. Looks so tired. Slowly continues the task.

Mummy softens: Alright, I help you with the glue? You tell me which colours to use?

Jay brightens: OK! Green now.

Mummy applies glue.

Jay glares at Mummy: Wrong side Mummy! See! (He wants to stick cut-mark side up)

Mummy inwardly rolls her eyes: Ooops, sorry. Okay, I do properly next time.

Four more squares later…

Jay: Ok, I go watch TV now.

Mummy: HAH? A few more and we’re done, and we can BOTH go and watch TV together.

Jay sighs again, and rubs his eyes.


Slowly but surely, we trudged our way and finally made it to the end!

My first homework with Jay.

*pat on the back for Mummy*

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