Friday, April 06, 2012

A day with Jay

This is obviously a long overdue post. But during the last day of the March school holidays, I took a day off to spend with my little boy.

The agenda of the day was pretty simple. I just wanted to spend the day with my little chatterbox, and so after dropping off Xavier at the office nursery, we proceeded for some yummy breakfast at Old Town & White Coffee.


Jay has a habit of bringing along a toy whenever we go out, and this time round, the Dinosaur Train flash cards amply entertained him!



I enjoy eating breakfast… especially one that happens leisurely over a cup of coffee!


Being the last day of the March holidays, WowArt offered a free workshop to Jay and one of my readers, Irene and her son Kean! Irene chose the Glass Painting, and I was pretty excited for Jay to go for this, especially since it was some time since his last art lesson. Given the distance, we decided to pull Jay out… and wait for WowArt to open their studio in the east (which I heard… should be soon!)

But this is a familiar place for Jay, and he quickly warmed to the place and got down to creating some gorgeous art-piece!


The kids in the class proudly showing off their finished artwork!


This is a close up of what Jay did, which now has pride of place at Daddy’s workplace!


While Jay was busy … so was I, as I met Nic for a second breakfast. Haha! Near the WowArt studio was this little Bakery House Cafe… a hidden gem of traditional breakfasts!


Entering the shop, the smell of baking bread was yummylicious!


Aah… I love my breakfasts, and the coffee and toast bread at this shop was divine!

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