Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three things I am thankful for

Last week, I was able to have the chance to attend a seminar on trauma rehabilitation by Dr. Robi Sonderegger and it was an enriching experience, and a very thought-provoking and insightful one as I heard from a clinical psychologist who also manages to “marry” so well science, psychology and sound Bible principles. And in fact, a lot of what we know to be important principles of our Christian faith has scientifically proven benefits to our physiology & psychology! Things like fasting, gratitude, meditating on the positive… it was an amazing seminar! I came away thoroughly blessed.

One of the exercises Dr. Robi got us to do was to think of three things we were thankful for. These are my three things:

(1) I am thankful for Nic & my two boys, that all these three important men in my life are healthy and happy.


(2) I am thankful for doing a job that I love in a company that I am proud to belong to, and having had that opportunity to be in this same organization for almost a decade already!

(3) I am thankful for my friends. My conclusion is that it is sometimes not easy to be close friends with people who are parents, especially if you are single. A parent's commitments can be tough for someone who is not a parent to empathise with. I remember one friend (who very likely will not even remember he said this to me) who told me he was “puzzled” why I was so busy and not having enough time with friends. Well… there is THAT needy six-month-old babe ya know. So I am thankful for a bunch of good people who have stuck with me and loved me AND my boys to boot!

Take a moment to think about the three things you can be thankful for today… and it helps gives one perspective (especially when things feel like they are going downhill.) Breathe… breathe… and give thanks for three things!

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