Thursday, July 26, 2012

A long week

This has probably been one of my most “lull” weeks in terms of blogging, and it’s simply because I’ve been so CONSUMED by work (which takes up my daylight hours), and a feverish Xavier (which takes up my night hours).
So worker-bee by day and mummy by night basically means… I need to be more consistent in putting that concealor to mask those eyebags! It doesn’t help that my sick little baby is being such a big baby about being sick. Not being able to find that comfortable spot, whining about being hungry, whining about being full, whining about being warm, whining about being cold. You get the idea.
The good thing is I think he has taken after Daddy’s lung power.
The not so good thing is he had to discover his lung power now.
Haha… but I guess this is all part of parcel of parenthood. The good, the bad, the noisy and the whiny.
Oh, but things are looking up, and the sickness is almost at its tail-end. Here’s to a fabulous week AHEAD! ;)
Ain’t one of my longest Talkative Thursday posts… but sleep deprivation makes me one tired mama this week!
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Madeline Heng said...

Jiayou! Going to be Friday soon!!