Monday, July 30, 2012

Game Review: Hey that’s my fish!

Over the week, Jay and I got acquainted with some new friends.


Meet my new yellow penguin buddies. And with these cute little fellas (don’t you love their expressions? Hahaha…) it bodes well for this new game that I tried out with Jay.


It is an easy strategy game for children, cos it basically involves… fish-eating.


We laid the hexagonal tiles on the floor randomly, and each penguin starts off on a different tile. (After the second game, to make things fairer, Daddy decided each penguin should start on a 3-fish tile!)

On your turn, you can choose to move any of your “in play” penguins, and they can move in any of the six directions of the tile, and go as far as desired. However, if there is a “gap” or missing piece in the way, they cannot hop over the divide.


The point is to collect as many fishes as possible. If you happen to be the sole surviving penguin on the “island”, well then congrats! All the fishes in that island belong to you and you alone (cos no other penguin can cross the gap to reach your little “island”) & that penguin which runs out of legal moves is also retired from the round.

At the end of the game, you tabulate the number of fishies…


and the winner is the one with the most fishies!

Jay really enjoyed this game, though he wasn’t as “deviously” scheming as Nic & I were. He also had a harder time trying to see the six directions, and usually only moved one or two squares max. However, he got the “point” of the game easily. That week, we got this game and City Square Off to play with, and he enjoyed both so much! Budget constraints meant I could only opt for one game, and I purchased City Square Off.

Disclaimer: Game was on loan to us by My First Games, with no compensation received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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