Tuesday, July 17, 2012

City Square Off!

I had a chance to play the City Square Off with Jay… and we loved it!


The game play was pretty easy in this two-player game, and Daddy and Jay decided to face off for the first time!


Each player get the board, and chooses to be either the green or the orange team.


Each board will have one of these “cities” placed in middle.



These are the cards, and each card has a picture of one of the tiles. As my cheeky little boy was insisting on doing the shuffling of these cards, he started singing… you guessed it… “Everyday I’m shuffling!”

And… it’s game on! Daddy vs Jayvon.

The cards are opened one at a time, and the aim of the game is to place the corresponding tile on your board – making sure the tiles at least touch one another, and not going outside the boundary.


It might be Jay’s love of jigsaw puzzles, and he quickly understood the game. I had to give Jay some pointers on how to stack the pieces, but other than that, he was on his own. When one person is unable to place his tile, the winner is out!

And Jay crushed Daddy in the first round! Haha…

Following that, we’ve been playing this game every night before bedtime. This is a good game to train his analytical skills. City Square Off is recommended for ages 8 and up, but the game play is easy enough for Jay (a 4 year old) to enjoy as well!

Disclaimer: Game is on loan to us by My First Games, with no compensation received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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