Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jump, skip… and now a bloghop

Today I am participating in the MOB Blog Hop, and if you are new to my blog, firstly - a huge hallo from me!

My blog
I am Sandra, a mummy blogger all the way from sunny Singapore. I work full-time, which only means… blogging is a great source of stress-relief for me. I enjoy blogging about my family, the funny antics the boys get up to, places to bring them, and yummy eats around the island.

My boys
Meet my handsomes.

My pride and my joy. 4.5 year old Jayvon and 16 month old Xavier.

With these two boys, it’s all about animals, dinosaurs, and now – Jay’s new love –Transformers and other Marvel Heroes! Now that my little one has learnt how to potter around the house independently, it also means… more fun times for them both! I know you’ve heard of the term “babytalk” with those goo-goo-gaa-gaa noises. Well, with Jay, he has invented a whole new language to communicate to his younger bro. A language I fondly call “noisychatter” which involves a lot of weird sounds and animated expressions. Somehow the two boys manage to communicate in their own unique way… so whatever works! Haha!

Being a parent of two active boys requires a lot of patience, love, and God’s grace, and I am really learning while “on-the-job”!

Games for the boys
This list changes like the weather… but for now our go-to games are: Jurassic Wars, City Square Off, and our perennial favourites – the Dinosaur Train figurines and other dinosaur books!

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