Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Loving My Spot: A night stroll in Marine Parade

For today, SANses is a part of “Loving My Spot”, initiated by Sarah of The Playful Parents! This is in the run up to Singapore’s National Day, and you will be able to read some blogging mummies’ perspective on “their” own spot on this little island!

Well, today, I am going to bring you on a stroll down Marine Parade. This is a place where I spent since my childhood, and I have very, very fond memories of this place!

First up, a very interesting fact: Marine Parade has its very own theme song.

I kid you not. For real!

I wanted to teach Jay the song, and then record him singing and uploading it on YouTube. Unfortunately, my usual songbird isn’t in a very compliant mood these days, so you just have to be contented with the lyrics:

Marine Parade is the place to be
With sandy beaches and the swaying trees
There’s no where else I’d rather be
In Marine Parade with my family

We live in peace and harmony
One big happy family
There’s no where else I’d rather be
In Marine Parade with my family

So there you have it. As dorky/nerdy/quirky as it is, the Marine Parade theme song! Hahaha!

Most people know of the East Coast Beach, Parkway Parade, the 112 Katong Mall, and the awesome eats in this place (especially since it is so near the famous Katong/Joo Chiat district), and so I decided to take a evening stroll, and capture some night scenes of my favorite neighbourhood.


As a reflection of its name, and the fact that a lot of the Marine Parade now was made from reclaimed land, these marine creature statues hold pride of place. Of course, I must say that these have been around since I was a kid, so practically antique, these.




Two of my favourite food stalls are in the Marine Parade Food Centre… Seramban Beef Noodles (best beef noodles bar none!) & Xing Long Cooked Food (hearty “home-cooked” feel). And if you are there, who knows, you might even get the chance to sample our ex-President’s teh halia tarik of choice!


And before I leave you, here’s another old-time favourite in Marine Parade… the Popular Bookstore! I adored this place growing up, as I had a weakness for shopping even then – and my poison of choice was notebooks and stationary. (Now it’s just shoes and bags…)


Just walking up those stairs to reach this bookstore on the second floor brought back memories!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the night stroll with me down Marine Parade. Come visit, and we can have teh halia together! ;)


Rachel is a mom of one, who has learnt more in these 5 years of being a parent vs the last 30 years before that. There is something about bringing up a little person that makes her more honest and introspective. A dreamer, occasional crafter, reformed clotheshorse and a wannabe photographer, whose heart skips a beat each time she chance upon a photograph with amazing light.
Rachel blogs at Catch Forty Winks.

Tomorrow, join Rachel on Catch Forty Winks as she brings you to the Upper Bukit Timah area!


Loving My Spot SG edition


Adora said...

I went to school in Marine Parade an grew up in Katong so the places you mentioned are familiar to me too! Popular bookstore had a big CD Rama section that I bought my first CD (colour me badd). The staircase always smelt of pee! And opposite, the beautiful old library with lovely grilles.

Madeline Heng said...

Love parkway parade man haha. Oh n the FOOD! Lol