Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Kids’ Eats: Toby’s

Tucked away on the second floor of Parkway Parade is this little food outlet called Toby’s The Dessert Asylum.


We frequent this place, usually after dinner as it is a pretty cool place to chill, and the desserts are lovely (as the name suggests)!

With kids, meal-times can be pretty frazzling. There’s the waiting and the squirming and the feeding… and bits of food flying around and spotting the floor. And to us, a kid-friendly restaurant is a place where the waiters won’t give you the evil eye when you walk in with kids (oh, you know one of “these” places!), and where the waitress wipes off the muck off the floor after you leave, even if with nary a smile, it is also without a frown. And food. There is some awesome eats for the kids.

In this aspect, we enjoy bringing the kids to Toby’s for the dinner or dessert treat. So much so that we even got the Toby’s Kid’s Card – which is a fabulous investment. For every regular main dish ordered, we can order a kid’s main dish for free. For every regular drink, Jay get a kid’s drink free. And for every regular dessert… you guessed it! A free dessert for Jay too!


I love it!

With Jay, I am always a little reluctant to order a kid’s meal for him, cos he usually doesn’t finish it. (Of course, nowadays, little brother helps to eat as well), and often I’d order a kid-friendly main dish and share with him. But here, I can enjoy a meal that I like, and won’t feel as “heart-ache” if he can’t finish! Haha…

The kid’s menu isn’t fantastic, but there are the usual suspects of a tomato-based pasta, a cream-based pasta and of course fish and chips. Jay’s dessert of choice is a scoop of chocolate ice-cream with animal-shaped biscuits.

For us, the menu’s pretty extensive, and this day I ordered the pork sandwich for myself, and Nic had the cream-based sausage fettucine.



This is part of my new series of kid-friendly eateries around the island. Check out some other cool eateries, recommended by other Singapore blogging mummies!

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