Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend workout

Trampolines, bouncies, fun and music!

I remembered how much Jay enjoyed his gym classes in school, and on a whim, I decided to sign Xav up for a trial class at My Gym. And I “arrowed” the Daddy to accompany the little one for an hour of workout.


Oh, the Daddy came back with good reports on how much fun the little boy had!

I must admit, I really did think about signing him for a term. But *gulp*… we just need to think about the budget of it. For his age, it would be a good chance to interact (and a pre-cursor to “classes” when he gets to Pre-Nursery age!).

Decisions, decisions, decisions … but in the meantime, I enjoyed looking at my sweet boy’s looks of sheer enjoyment!

And while Xav enjoyed bouncing around at gym, I took the opportunity to bring Jay to one of his favourite places – The Polliwogs! We braved the slight drizzle, and was rewarded with a pretty empty gym for the first half an hour.



My weekly body combat gym class has nothing on Polliwogs, I tell you. My bones were ACHING… and I called for a french-fry-and-juice time-out to catch my breath!


And lo-and-behold, my saviour walked through the door. Meet Joel. Jay’s classmate and bestie!




And the two boys managed to entertain each other, and left their mummies free and unbent over.

Seeing the two cheeky boys interact… gives me renewed respect for all childcare teachers. Haha!

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