Thursday, August 02, 2012

Faith and family

Yet another Talkative Thursday post. :) And today, it’s my musing about the issue of faith in my family.

I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious family. It probably has to do with the fact that my parents had a different religion, and so they gave us some leeway and exposure to both Buddhism and Catholicism from young.

But I became a Christian at 18. (And yes, I understand the “irony” of this. Haha!)

And ever since my salvation, I have been heavily involved in my church, be it as a children’s church worker or helping out in the cell group, church has been an integral and important aspect of my life. And that of my hubby’s.

So it is natural it is now a part of my children’s life as well. We go to church every weekend. And occasionally when there are conferences or special events, they would also tag along with us two or three times a week. I do try to make sure the kids get to bed as early as possible – especially with Xavier, who gets to bed by 8 p.m. on some nights. So it can be pretty disruptive to their sleep pattern to follow our hectic schedule, so thankfully I have good alternative care for the kids (in other words… the grandmother!)

Faith is a personal choice, and when Jay and Xav grow up, they would (like how I did) have to choose for themselves who they would love and what they would believe. But as their mummy, I feel it is my duty, nay, joy to envelope them in a culture and environment for them to get to know about Jesus. So apart from attending church, we make it a point to read the Bible, introduce Bible characters, pray, say grace before meals… so that they understand, loving God is not limited to the weekend, but it saturates and permeates life itself.

Recently, I had some conversations with Jay with regards to death and heaven (I know… pretty heavy sounding stuff for a 4 year-old!), and he seems to be able to process the information. Today, as we were walking back after dinner at 112 Katong, just me and the two kids, Jay pointed to an old-looking house and told me:

Jayvon: Mummy, do you know that when houses grow old, God will take them to heaven? And in heaven, they will become big once again?

Mummy: Oh?

Jayvon: Ya ya! Hmmm… God will take, erm, a balloon pump, and blow air into the old houses and make them big and new once again.

So that is his current take on death and the resurrected body! Haha! 

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