Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shopping therapy 101: Winter clothes!

Okay, so in the larger scheme of things, winter clothes shopping for the kids might not rank up there.

Like I should really get to finding a preschool for Jay in Sydney. And finalizing the mega Excel spreadsheet that gives us the income and expenses for the next 24 months. But minimal income over some massive expenditures doesn’t make for some restful Excel-sheet-ing.

But since I prefer to take things in bite-sized pieces, the easiest (and most soul-soothing) thing for me… is to get some winter garb for the kids.

I love online shopping, and when it comes to preppy clothes for the boys, I turned to Polo Ralph, Gap and Old Navy for their boys’ wear!

IMG_9994 IMG_9993 For Jay (above) and for Xav (below). Yes. Matchy-matchy clothes, albeit in different colours!

And FINALLY… after years of stripes and checks and tones of blues, greens, browns, whites and blacks… I can finally get some more rainbow colours in!

IMG_9995 Aah, pinks and purples! Haha!

(And no, I don’t intend to one of those mummies to dress my girl up entirely in saccharine-pink, but you got to at least give me SOME leeway on this, considering I’ve been pretty much suppressed over the last 5 years! Haha… More funky blacks for my cool babe coming soon.)

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