Friday, January 25, 2013

The day my identity changed

YK Camp This photo was taken years back, when Jay was about 6 months old.

It was on 23 January 2008 that my identity changed forever. No longer just ‘Sandra’, or just a wife, daughter, friend, worker or colleague. But the one label that will stick with me till the end of time.


Oh, and how I’ve enjoyed this newest title. Watching the boys grow, seeing how they have shed their baby fat to become to handsome young lads that they are today, being wide-eyed and inquisitive about the world. It has been the most amazing journey.

I told Jay, he will always have a very special place in my heart, as he was the one to give me this title – five long years ago! And when I think about it, I cannot believe it’s already been five years. 1,825 days. Seriously, just the thought makes my head reel! Someone once told me that with kids, the days seem long and the years seem short, and I couldn’t agree more. The kids grow up so fast!

Five years on, thousands of dollars spent on his preschool education, toys, knick-knacks and other essentials, hours of lost-sleep accumulated, dozens of trips to the zoo, birdpark and playgrounds… and my life has never been as fulfilling!

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