Thursday, February 07, 2013

Splish-splash fun!

My sis in law managed to snag her company bungalow for the weekend, and so we decided to throw a family barbeque as well as a combined birthday party for the two boys. Now, the cakes – you’ve seen those gorgeous ones.

Now for the entertainment… The hubs wanted to get a bouncy castle for the boys to play.

This … took me a while to get around to. I love my kids. And they love their bouncies. But it seemed a tad… too much for such a small-scale party. Including Jay and Xav, there’d be a grand total of 5 kids only (and one of my sister’s kids is in Sec 1, hardly bouncy-castle-age)!

But since this probably doubled up as the hubs’ last family gathering, I convinced myself to go check out some toy rental places.

I stumbled across Singapore Toy Club, and was blown away by the huge (and I mean HUGE) array of toys available for rental – including bouncy castles! It’s like being a kid in a candy store, as I browsed through the different bouncy castles available. There were even some bouncy castles that could be set up in a HDB flat!

Given the venue of our BBQ (a bungalow with a front garden area), I decided to go for this Wet & Wild WATER bouncy castle.

IMG_0003 I literally could not get a shot of the bouncy before my two excited boys “attacked” this!

Apart from a slide, there were even two water cannons to “fire” away with.

IMG_0005 Even Xav quickly got in on the action!IMG_0023 So as Daddy and the aunties busied themselves in setting up the barbeque fire in the background, Mummy was busy getting soaked by the two boys by the slide.


IMG_0072 But the look on their faces? PRICELESS!

Given the three-year age gap between the boys, it isn’t often that a single toy (or DVD or anything for that matter) can bring equal pleasure to both of them, so this water slide was definitely a winner in my books. The two of them had such a blast sliding, shooting, squealing with joy… Even when the rest of the family came, they were also amused by the excitement by the playground!

IMG_0024  IMG_0065  IMG_0053When Jay’s cousin reached later, he too was psyched to go on the slide, so after the kids had their full we allowed the two of them another 30 minutes on the slide!

IMG_0084 IMG_0083 One slide. Three happy boys. The ingredients for any successful family gathering.

While this wasn’t my idea in the first place (my hubs is obviously the more far-sighted between us haha…), this was such a hit I am seriously considering renting bouncy castles in the future!

Many thanks to the SG Toy Club for sponsoring the rental for my two boys – I had a good experience with both the pre- and post-rental with them. My email query was very promptly replied to the same day, and the slide was delivered and set up in such quick time, with the delivery man calling me 15 minutes beforehand to give me a more accurate time of arrival, and also arrived promptly to pack up the slide after that.

Yes – this is a bit too photo-heavy for my usual Talkative Thursday post – but ah well… I just have a huge load of blogging backlog to clear (hopefully before Chinese New Year arrives!).

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Dominique Goh said...

Whao... so fun having such a slide/bouncy castle at a birthday.

Adora said...

Nice bungalow! It's times like this I so wish for a house with a garden!

Sandra Tan said...

@Adora: I agree! Having a garden is SO useful. Thankfully this bungalow is up for rental at a very subsidized rate for my sis-in-law's company!