Friday, February 08, 2013

Xavier the baby-no-more

The best thing about being a blogger is that we have a channel (i.e. the blog) to jot down all the cute stuff our kids say and the mischief they get up to.

The worst part is the effort (sometimes!) needed to do so.

My little Xav is 22 months now, and his bubbly personality deserves some airtime on this blog.

The Sanguine:

I am a friendly person. More or less. With Jay I had to teach him to say his 'Hi's and 'Bye's and I made sure he would greet anyone we meet from the cab drivers to people on the same lift. But it takes time and constant, constant reminders.

Xav is quite the "I" (in other words, sanguine) boy. He greets everyone. And i mean everyone. We may be walking past a shop and if the shop person happens to catch Xav's eye, my little boy would loudly go 'HI!!!' or 'BYEEEE!!!' It inadvertently makes the most hard-nosed uncle or fierce-looking auntie give a genuine albeit surprised smile back.

The Cheeky:

Me: “Hey Xav! Come here and give me your hand.”

Xav obediently comes to the sofa where I was sitting. I place his hand on my tummy and tells him: “Do you feel Mei Mei kicking?”

After one second, he removes his hand, lifts up his short leg on the sofa and lands his foot on my tummy.

“I kick Mei Mei back.”

The Parrot:

A good part of why Xav is able to talk pretty well is really because of an older brother who is himself a pretty talkative and expressive fellow. The amusing thing is seeing how Xav parrots everything Jay says. Yes, even the nonsensical words (which are Xav’s personal faves). So car-rides will be chockful of repetitive phrases and peals of laughter as Jay is very amused at having his very own living, breathing “Talking Carl” app up close and personal.

The Singer:

Xav enjoys singing, and he enjoys hearing good tunes. When we brought him to Universal Studios Singapore a few days back, he love walking down the Madagascar street and would be gelak-ing (i.e. swaying and moving his butt) to the loud dance music! He also loves treating me like a jukebox, and our routine every night before he goes to sleep is usually a song. Or two. Or three. YouTube has a huge influence on him, as you can see. Which is why between him and my other Temple Run-loving son, my iPad is no longer my own.

Xav: I want “We are, we are” (theme song for Ice Age 4)

Mummy starts singing: “We are, we are, not your ordinary fami…”

Xav puts out his hand: “STOP! I want “Ah, ah, apple” (a phonics song)

Mummy sings: “Ah-ah-apple, b-b-ball, c-c…”

Xav puts out his hand: “STOP! Ha ha… I want 3, 4” (a Sesame Street song)

Mummy sings: “1, 2, 3, 4 monsters walking cross the…”

Xav puts out his hand: “STOP! Ha ha ha…I want…”

Mummy: “Okay enough singing. Good night.”


And as we approach the long Chinese New Year weekend, from me and the boys to all you readers out there…


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