Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zone Thanksgiving 2008


On Sunday night, we had a BLAST @ our annual zone event - and the theme? MTV Asia Awards! As you can see, we "glam-ed" up to the max. Each of the cell leaders were took on a larger-than-life MTV "persona."

Who was I *ahem* supposed to be?
Hold your sniggers... Kylie Minogue! LOL!

And this was the pic I was meant to mimic.kylie

I have tried my best. I have no regrets.


Anyhow, the female leaders were pretty tame. Compared to these three great men.

#1: Johnson Hay as ELVIS PRESLEYIMG_1845

#2: Barry Leonardi as Michael JacksonBarry

#3: Melvin Toh as RICKY MARTINmelvin

All in all, it was a fun night!
If you were there, we hoped you had as much fun in the audience as we had putting it all together! ;)


Xia said...

WOW! So creative!

And you SURE look good! Hot Mama. Hee. ;)

Jerb said...

Wah.... U look very good!!! But Melvin's photo not so flattering... HAha!