Monday, December 29, 2008

Why I Heart Blogging

I was just thinking last night... Why I enjoy blogging so.

It is not because I am "too free" (Hey! I'm a working mom, you know?)

Nor is it because I have such great insights on things

In the course of my work, I already write a LOT. But the bulk of my work has got to do with "proper" English. As it is when it comes to minutes, official (or should it be officious? Hmmm...) emails, policies et al.

I have mastered the art of using words such as:

Deliberated... Reviewed... Discussed... Highlighted... Indicated... Expressed... (and other synonyms to basically mean the matter was talked about!)

All of which are hardly words that I will use in "normal" every day life.

So blogging serves as code-switching to me. While I make ample use of my proper, grammatically correct English and extensively profound vocabulary in the workplace, blogging helps me to just write for the sake of it. Blogging allows me to put in many full stops (........) which is a punctation mark I strangely adore! It allows me to type without really having to think too much about the tenses or grammar (though for my dear readers' sakes, I do try to not make too many errors! Haha!) While I try to keep myself concise in business writing, blogging allows me to r-a-m-b-l-e... which I do. A bit. Okay. Maybe a teensy bit more than a bit. Alright, you got me. I ramble. A lot.

Hahaha! My point exactly.


Xia said...

I heart your blog! ;)

Cos it's about anything and everything under the sky and that's what blogging is all about! =D

San said...

Heh heh... U heart my rambling too, I see! ;)

Xia said...

Hahaha! Hmm, you can say so!

Easy & pleasant reading, anytime, anyday. ;)