Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Read "New Moon"... In Under 5 Hours (Oh, & My Starbucks Rant Too!)

I took off with Jayvon for breakfast this morning. I wanted to have a cheaper Ya Kun toast meal, but the Ya Kun outlet was (surprisingly!) crowded at 9.45 a.m. this morning.

Being too lazy to cross over to MacDonald's, I decided to settle for a much pricier Starbucks breakfast - of Hot Chocolate & a ham and mozzarella cheese sandwich!

Let me digress a little while here: While I am a great fan of Starbucks & having my daily caffeine dose from here is a great delight, I think the outlet at Parkway is really bad.

As I stood second in queue, I overheard the counter staff botching up a drink order of the person ahead of me. Maybe that should have scared me off. Haha! But as I placed my order of "Ham and Cheese Sandwich"... the girl at the cashier replied, "So that will be a Ham and Cheese Croissant?" I replied "Sandwich." (I can't stand croissants! For some strange reason they really bug me... icky taste!)

She proceeded to key in my order, get my cash, and then went to the display and took out the croissant. I had to embarrassedly scoot past the person behind me, stood in front of the display, and watched as she fiddled with both the Croissant and the Sandwich, and in the end... chose the CROISSANT.

Me (loudly... before my morning cuppa, you see): "Erm... I believe I said I wanted the SANDWICH?" (I even pointed, in case she was hard of hearing.)

Cashier: "Oh this is not a SANDWICH... It is a @($*#&$@" (Some weird fancy-sounding name for the two slices of BREAD. I mean, give me a break. It looks like a sandwich, so just call it that!)

Me: Well, that's what i wanted. What is in it?

Cashier: (Peering at the label) Mozzarella cheese and...

Me: Ham, right?

Cashier: Err... yes.

Me: Yes, that is what I wanted. Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

Well... she toasted it and it strangely turned out BLACKENED on one side and yet the cheese and ham remained COLD.

Disappointing breakfast!!!

Ok. Enough with my Starbucks rants.

I went on to Borders after my blah breakfast and bought my New Moon book! And I just completed reading it... in under 5 hours. Ha ha!

Oh and *coughcoughcough*... Err... I also just went to to order Books 3 & 4 of the series.


Shalee- Be Speechless said...

Just visiting from SITS

Starbucks is truly way too snoody for my taste. I like to go into the ones that are hidden in the Albertsons grocery stores. They are always way nicer there.

pam said...

The sandwich sounded good, too bad it was so disappointing. Hope your day turned out to be okay.

Came by from SITS

Lo said...

I, too, consumed New Moon in about 5 hours. It makes my Mr. Mine sick that I read so fast! Hope you liked it! Thanks for my Saucy visit. Stop by anytime!