Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Twilight Series

I am glad to announce… I have finished the ENTIRE series of Twilight! Yeap – all four books. I am really looking forward to Book 5!

Nic says I am obsessed with it. Because when I start reading, I really just want to finish up. Soon. But I think it is just cause he is jealous I am a fast reader. Hahaha!

Did I enjoy it? Yes!

It has an interesting twist and a storyline.


My thoughts on each of the books…

Twilight: I enjoyed this book! It isn’t a very “literary” kind of book. So people looking for an easy and interesting read would really enjoy this! I read Anne Rice’s books, but I must say I never really enjoyed, cause the whole “feel” of Rice’s books were much more sombre and solemn. Twilight is quite “fluff”! I must say… I enjoyed the book MORE than I liked the actual movie!

New Moon: As with the Harry Potter series, the books get progressively darker and darker. Of the four books, this would be one of the saddest in terms of the storyline. I must say, I can’t imagine how the movie adaptation would turn out though, since he-who-makes-the-fans-scream was absent for a good part. Haha! Did I give away too much? Oops!

Eclipse: It all boils down to choice. Choice, choice, choice! As much as “getting the best of both worlds” is what we all want, here Bella realizes it is not all that possible. Good read!

Breaking Dawn: Definitely a page-turner! And my favourite one. I especially liked the parts in the book when Stephanie Meyer wrote in the first person viewpoint of Bella and Jacob. Made it all the more interesting! Not to give too much away, it was also fun reading about the latest addition to the Cullens!

As with Harry Potter, I also realised that there are many out there who would take offense at the subject matter of the Twilight series. I mean, we are talking about vampires and werewolves here!

Well, I think as with any book and any movie you read and watch, it is all about…

Suspending your unbelief!

Read the book and see the movie for what it is… Entertainment. And hey, the book had one good theme in its favour – abstinence!


Cammie said...

I liked to your blog from Shalee's...saw the blog title "The Twilight Series" and was drawn like a magnent since I am an obsessed freak. Good reviews on the books!

Rafe said...

LOL San. Haha. your closing line. LOL! NICE!