Sunday, May 02, 2010

Two Years & 3 Months Later…

It has been two years, three months and a week since I was officially inducted into the Mummies Club. Some were inducted with a ready heart and a quick smile, others like me were kinda unwittingly sucked entered in.

Just today I visited a friend who was just inducted into this prestigious club, and as she was regaling us with her story about how her baby girl came into the world, and as I stared into the sweet, sweet baby girl’s face, I got reminded of that day when I first saw my prince too.

It is a memory that will probably never fade.

Our first meeting.

Sure, he may not have known me face to face, but he sure was an audience to my chattering and humming and singing and the sound of my laughter.

So really, if you think about it, at that first meeting, he probably knew me more than I knew him.

I always put up this photo, cos I just love it. How serene he looks.


But really, this was our first glimpse of our prince, wails and all.


What a journey it has been.





And how he has grown.

Motherhood has taught me a lot of things.

Some lessons were learnt the hard way. Many tears were shed. Relationships tested and strengthened. Smiles in abundance.

Thank you, God, for this enormous privilege, putting Nic & I in charge of this little fella! May God give us grace, strength and wisdom for the years ahead as well.

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