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Crafty Fun Week: Dinosaur Galore!

Art & Craft was my favourite subject in school!

To skip, sleep and snack.


So you see, I was pretty surprised that Jay loves art and crafting. In the spare time in school, he has scores of toys and friends to lead astray play with, and get this – he chooses to doodle and draw and practice his writing! There is probably no reason to his genius. Even at home, he would take out paper and draw something or proudly show off his Chinese strokes or his name in capital and initial caps (which he now realises is the way “big” people write names – to initial cap only the first letter).

So I am pretty handicapped in the arts department, but I figured Jay has enough arty genes for the both of us. And on a spur of a moment, I decided to take part in a blog hop party organized by the very talented (and arty and very funny) Alicia, from the Singapore Mum Bloggers group. It’s a 15-day challenge – and 15 different mummy bloggers will each take on a craft project. Hopefully this will inspire you to take on a project with your little one too!

(And if you see my project with Jay, you will see… If I can do it, ANYONE can do it! Hahaha…)

So what should I do? I had NO CLUE. But I did have these simple pre-requisites.

  1. It needs to be simple.
  2. It should probably have a dinosaur theme.
  3. It needs to be simple.

Having said that, I searched for inspiration … but nothing like the last minute kicks my creative juices into Gear 1. *ahem* It was also unfortunate I was down with flu for the past many days, and in my flu-dazed state, it didn’t occur to me to actually prepare this, till… well, the last minute.

First, I was thinking of using these cute little things.


When I first brought them home, courtesy of Pamela, my domestic helper thought I had brought back a whole bag of keropok. These are packing peanuts – and no, they aren’t edible, but simple enough to make craft with!

Or so I thought.

With just a dab of water, these peanuts will stick to each other, and so technically you can create some pretty nice structures. Like these.


Jay was so pleased with the packing peanuts, and especially when he managed to form the letter “J” with it!

We tried making a Stegosaurus and a Brachiosaurus together.



When it became very CLEAR we needed more practice, Mummy made an executive decision to leave the packing peanuts and we decided to go back to the drawing block. Literally.


I took a cardboard box, tore it up, and gave Jay a marker and told him to draw something so we could cut up and colour. Within a few minutes, he drew the outline of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and I passed it on to Daddy to cut it out!

Ta-da! Here’s Jay bringing his new friend out for a short walk.


And if you think it looks pretty familiar, yes, you have seen it before! He has this dino drawing down pat.

Armed with some brand new acrylic paints and brushes I bought from Art Friend, Jay got painting! (I only managed to buy 2 bottles… cos they cost $10 EACH, and I didn’t have enough cash… Hahaha!) But these are nontoxic paints, and dries so easily, and Jay adores them, so I have a feeling I’ll be getting a few more bottles soon!



And off he went!



Jay had a very clear idea how his T-Rex would turn out, and told me he wanted to do stripes! And I didn’t even help him except to squeeze out more paint upon request. But the acrylic paint was nice and thick and covered the cardboard well, so he didn’t have much complaints.




Remember the “J”-shaped packing peanut? Jay decided to paint it purple, and I used a dollop of the acrylic paint to “glue” it in place.


Ta-do! Meet Jay’s very own Patternosaurus! Of course after he stuck the “J” on, he proclaimed it to be a Jaygantosaurus.

I am so happy & proud my crafty little boy managed to whip something out and save his poor mummy. If you enjoyed laughing at my art-ineptness this post, I promise you will LOVE the really talented other mummy bloggers. We will be posting one a day till 5 July 2012.

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